Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Sabrina and Isabel are in Salt Lake City this weekend. To avoid spending all day cooped up in the house with the other three, with me presumably watching football all day, I decided to take them to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is about 45 boring minutes from where we live.  The “museum,” as they call it, is much more like a zoo than a museum so fail to whoever named it. Kids five and under are free, so that took care of two of them. Luke got in free too since I had a buy one, get one coupon. My ticket was $13, which seemed excessive, but I’m over it. I thought overall it was a decent place though.

Luke enduring another picture. Sylvia with mittens. Cute little Hazel.

In the aviary

Luke took the rest of the pictures. He seemed to enjoy it.

Desert Bighorn

Barn Owl

Daddy and Girl

Daddy and Girl



3 thoughts on “Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

  1. Ha ha, Sabrina, when your husband said that the $13 admission was excessive but he was over it, I was laughing. I can recognize a frugal heart when I see one, because I am one. Kudos to Joey for taking the kids out on an adventure with dad instead of watching football the whole time.

    What are you doing in Salt Lake Sabrina?

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