Las Vegas, NV to Tucson, AZ

We moved.

I found a use for the second sink in the kitchen!


6 thoughts on “Las Vegas, NV to Tucson, AZ

  1. Wow to moving!!!! At least the children wont have to get used to a new school system!!!!!

    I have put many sinks that size in houses and I might just refer to that style sink as the baby washing sink from now on…

  2. I can’t believe you’ve moved! It was so fun to see you and Janet become such good friends in Las Vegas. Hazel looks so stinkin’ cute in that sink.

  3. We are sad you are gone! You new house looks so pretty! I hope you get settled in fast and enjoy AZ! I love your san fran pics, looks like a total blast!!

  4. Hey Sabrina!! I’m going to miss you! And even more, my boys are going to miss your kids. They have so much fun together. I enjoyed getting to know you and the time we spent at the pool and elsewhere in Vegas. (watching the bachelor and going to see Twilight and the big surprise party for Lanece, etc.) Keep in touch!!

  5. ok, you live in a BEAUTIFUL home. I can tell from just the few pictures here. Are you loving it? I also adore Hazel’s slippery-when-wet bald head in her sink bath. What a perfect fit!

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