Blog Class at Sabrina School!

This year we are encouraging Luke and Isabel to write in their blogs.  Typing on the computer is so much more fun than writing in composition books.  Isabel mostly puts up very random pictures, but the little things that she has written are great!  Here are their blogs…

Luke’s blog
The Super Luke

Isabel’s blog (Isabel’s middle name is Ruby)
The Red Ruby


One thought on “Blog Class at Sabrina School!

  1. I LOVE their blogs! What an excellent idea! It’s fun to see into their worlds. I have to admit I jive more with Isabel’s blog, being a girl and all. I don’t get too into the fighting and bugs stuff, but Luke’s blog is still pretty groovin’. I adore Isabel’s random pictures, where does she find all of that stuff? They both have some major talents. Kudos to you for helping them share them with others online and to teach them so much about computers! Truly inspiring.

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