Public School is Lame School

I PROMISE I did not teach my kids that “Public School is Lame School” but somehow I found this written on our backyard wall.  I was surprised (and maybe not so surprised) to find out that my seemingly sweet little Isabel made this chalk sign.


Fish are so fickle. RIP Sushi.  Don’t worry, Luke got over it quickly.  He now has “Cherry” and “Cheese Puff” to console him.



One thought on “Public School is Lame School

  1. that is so funny that Isabel would write that! I am pretty sure we send subliminal messages to our kids about how LAME public school really is….

    and really. sorry about Luke’s fishes. I am still really worried about his frog. I hope he doesn’t spend all of his life trying to get away from the air filter. He is going to die (of a heart attack) sooner or later….

    THANKS again for letting all my boys sleep over last night.

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