God Saves Beer Cans

Sunday, Father’s Day, Joey and I both decided that we had a perfect day. Here is a picture (actually the night before our perfect day) of the kids eating blueberry muffins in the backyard (maybe it was really a perfect 36 hours.)  Yes, that bear is enjoying a blueberry muffin as well.

One of the party favors from one of the birthday parties Luke went to on Saturday had a fossil digging kit.  Luke really enjoyed it.


Here is Sylvia coloring Joey’s Father’s Day card.


Isabel cried when Joey had to be at church early for some meetings because she wanted to make breakfast in bed for him.  He had to stay a while afterward as well, so Isabel made him a nice lunch with flowers in a vase and a menu.


Hazel oinking on some watermelon.


Today was truly a perfect day.  Church was great, Joey and I got to spend some fun time with the kids, some fun time with out the kids (wink wink) the weather was perfect, we ate good food, Joey got to go help out a neighbor, we talked to our parents on the phone, all of this plus a nap!  I feel so bad that I took these pictures of the kids on Father’s Day yet none of the father.  So here is my all time favorite picture of Joey (in case you are confused, he’s the one on the left.)  If you want to see more pictures of Joey in the movie, Gran Torino (on his mission Hmong speaking in Minnesota) here is his photo album.  More of my favorite pics from his mission are, the roasted squirrel, drunk/dead guy, and God Saves Beer Cans.



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