Ten Years

We’ve been married for ten years! It seems like longer. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just can’t believe that I’ve ever not known Joey. We met when we were pretty young, I was eighteen he was twenty one, so we’ve kind of grown up together.  We drove up to Salt Lake City where my sister and her husband live. They watched the kids over night while Joey and I stayed at The Anniversary Inn.  Here we are in the bathroom trying to take a decent picture of ourselves.  We used the timer but in the end, the hand held snap of us was, sadly, the best.  I love the toilet in the background.
the slc 062

Here is a picture of the outside of The Anniversary Inn.  They have themed rooms there.  We stayed in the Sultan’s Palace…OOO LA LA!

the slc 073

We dined at The Roof.  Top floor, great view of the city and the LDS Temple.  Joey even had the pianist play Debussy for me.  Why is there a picture of Batsumaru in front of the temple and not us?  Just don’t ask.

the slc 063

The highlight of Luke’s time was catching bugs in their backyard and peeling off the shells of snails.

the slc 033

Isabel loved going to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical with her aunt.

the slc 012

Sylvia just loved anything.

the slc 018


2 thoughts on “Ten Years

  1. Ten years! Congrats! You guys look so young and cute, like you could still be newlyweds…newlyweds with 4 kids…hmm. Okay, nevermind. So where’s the picture of Hazel at her aunt’s house? I was looking forward to seeing her cute chin again. She really does have a cute chin. So gald you had a fun getaway for your anniversary.

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