Military School

So many times while we are doing our work at the table, we eat snacks.  Yesterday while doing just that, I told my kids a story about when I was in first grade, I sneaked an apple into class and got caught.  That mean teacher made me do push ups in front of the whole class.  I was hoping to get a cheer for homeschooling from my kids after that, but instead, they wanted to take turns doing push ups in front of me while reciting their Articles of Faith….weird.


2 thoughts on “Military School

  1. funny, but not too weird. I used to do airplane (me laying on my back lifting them into the air) rides while they did articles of faith. Anything they do to keep them busy sometimes helps memorization. A friend of mine let her kids jump on the couch while doing memory work. I don’t think I will go that far 🙂

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