Last Night and This Morning

Pictures from last night…

Wow!  Is that a professionally made Nothing Bundt Cake?!


Sophia and Isabel


My good friend Lara!


Pictures from this morning…

On an adventure with Ben and Luke 2


Sylvia rode her bike about ten feet


Ben and Luke 1 being boys and racing


Isabel on her new bike



2 thoughts on “Last Night and This Morning

  1. That cake is awesome. I’ve never heard of a nothing bundt cake but I’m totally stealing that idea. Thanks!=) I can’t believe she’s seven. I always forget how much older she is than Tyler. Actually, when I saw you guys, she seemed so lady-like that I thought she was way older than him. She’s pretty tall, too. And very photogenic. I love her poses and faces. Too cute!

  2. thank you for taking ben and luke 2 on the adventure. Next time I will be sure to join… although I know Zack will only be riding all of ten feet. those darn three year olds!

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