Ode to Bubble Beard


Luke’s favorite thing to do is to surprise us with a bubble beard.  Very silly.  Today we were at the park from 10am to 3:30pm.  From all of that great outdoor play my (apparently weak and sickly) kids are sore.  Sylvia said that her leg hurts and that it is broken.  Isabel informed her that if her leg were broken she would be screaming (WRONG THING TO SAY ISABEL.)  Sylvia then started to wail.  She quickly got happy and let me know that her grandpa in California would take her to the hospital in the morning.

“Ode to Joy”

It was obviously a play day since we spent most of our time at the park but tonight we had some spontaneous school.  Luke and Isabel put together a puzzle of the USA and I quized them on the capitols.  After Luke practiced his Ode to Joy by Beethoven on the piano, I showed him Gustav Klimt’s painting, The Beethoven Frieze: Ode to Joy.  After that, Isabel and I were flipping through my Gustav Klimt book and she asked why he painted so many naked people.  I told her that a lot of artists paint naked people “nudes” because the human body is the most beautiful thing in the world (supposedly, right?)  I didn’t add the fact that Klimt was a little pervy too.  I like this website about him and how instead of saying pervy, they say “a life devoted to women”  …I guess that’s another way to say it.


3 thoughts on “Ode to Bubble Beard

  1. I don’t like his butt in that painting. Yuck. It looks like he’s clenching. I don’t appreciate art, can you tell?

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