Hiking at Red Rock


This morning we went on a hike with a few other homeschooled friends and some friends that are on track break.  Here is a fun place in Red Rock that has a waterfall.


Hiking was a great confidence booster for Sylvia for sure and hopefully for my safety nerd as well.


They found a lizard and the poor guy’s tail fell off while the boys were trying to catch him.  The kids were impressed that the tail still twitched.  (little science lesson/experiment there.)


Sylvia had to pee so I sat her on a rock and she went.  No stagefright and no pee on her pants!  Afterward she was so proud to show everyone her pee on the rock.  If you look closely it’s the wet spot on the top big rock.


2 thoughts on “Hiking at Red Rock

  1. OMG, what a beautiful place. It reminds me of Mesa Verde in Colorado where we visited on our road trip. What fun! It is cool how the lizard’s tail will twitch after it has been taken off.

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