The Super Luke

For a few years now Luke has been writing book after book.  Mostly Super Luke comics.  Here is a stack of them.  There is even another stack that I have put away somewhere.


So you get the idea, his books are usually filled with things like this…





I am always very impressed how he has an endless supply of stories in his head.  In fact, today instead of writing in his video game journal he was talking and talking and TALKING to me about how he would make a Super Luke and Xtreme Boy video game.  I said, “LESS TALKING, MORE WRITING.”  He said there were too many things to write down.  I suggested he only focus on writing about the characters of the video game to begin with, but he said that even that would be too much to write about.  I think part of the reason for his almost illegible writing and his cute messy illustrations is that his hand can’t keep up with his brain.  Maybe his head always being in such a dizzy with stories also explains why he can never remember to hang up his towel, put his clothes in the hamper, brush his teeth or even, yes, FLUSH THE TOILET!

We’ve created another outlet for his story ridden brain.  His own blog!  Check out, The Super Luke.  (By the way, please leave him a comment.  He would LOVE that.)


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