Our Tagline for 2009

Last year Joey started a New Year tradition for our family.   We make up a tagline for the upcoming year.  This year was “2008:  The year we’ve always waited for!”  Starting next year it will be…

“2009:  THE YEAR OF INNOVATION!…(it’s the wave of the future.)”

(note:  must be said while doing robot arms.)


One thought on “Our Tagline for 2009

  1. Love the tagline for each year… and innovation is such a great theme for 2009. I am sure the robot arms and voice make it so much more believable.

    It was fun to see you at the park a couple of days ago. I can tell we are all going to be good friends! Are you still up for doing dinner (or just getting together) on Friday or Saturday? Let me know..

    Happy New Year!

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