Look What We Grew!


Joey and I were just discussing the fact that I use the word “me” when I am selfishly trying to take credit for something that is really “we” and then I use the word “we”  when most of the time it was just all Joey and I selfishly try to take credit for as well.  Hey, I feel like it is a cute endearing quality of mine, I am sure Joey doesn’t quite feel the same.  SOOOOOO it should be, “Look what Joey grew!”  He is our master landscaper and is always so good help the kids plant new fruits and vegetables in our garden!  Who knew such a great watermelon could grow in Las Vegas?!  Good job Joey!

We had a really busy school day today.  After Sylvia’s dance class Luke and Isabel had a science class with other homeschooled kids at a fellow homeschooler’s house.  They learned about classification of animals and had a really good time in the group.  After lunch they worked on their school lists and then had their running class at 3:45.

Tonight for Family Home Evening, Joey had Luke and Isabel pick out a parable to read and talk about from this lovely book, Parables: And Other Teaching Stories by Robert L. Millet and James C. Christensen.  James C. Christensen is usually known for his fantasy paintings and so the pictures in this book are certainly more down to earth compared with his other work, but still have his colorful and graceful style.  After a page of the actual parable from the Bible, Robert L. Millet breaks down the story and clearly describes the meaning.


4 thoughts on “Look What We Grew!

  1. Hi, thanks for your blog.
    I homeschool my 8 year old. (I also have a 2 year old.) I am a cert. teacher and am totally trapped in the “We are supposed to sit and do our school work” thing.

    I feel unable to break free. I don’t know how you do it.

    My son is also in Scouts, he is a Bear (third grade) and I am his Den leader.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Jamie,

    “WE” also are growing some little veggies here and there!


    It is so fun to meet other people in the same boat as me! Yes, I agree, it takes a while to figure out what works for you and your kids. It is also difficult to get out of the “school schedule” frame of mind, but if a scheduled sit down school-like environment works for you guys then it’s a good thing! Finally this year I’ve figured out that a Mon Wed Fri schedule and then giving them their “to do” lists works well for us. Even then I am still fine tuning things such as, my son needs to be timed with his math worksheets (and maybe more) or else he will sit, stare off or doodle on his paper for an hour. I don’t think I’ll ever get it perfectly figured out.

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