Video Game Journal

During Sylvia’s dance class this morning Luke and Isabel got their journals and math out of the way. I call Luke’s journal his “video game journal” which definitely keeps him interested and excited about writing in it. I write on the top a question, for example: If the creators of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess game were to ask you what you would change about the game to make it better, what would you tell them? He loves it. For the rest of school today, they got through a few worksheets, built a city together and tried to play Battleship. But predictably, Isabel quit and Luke ended up crying in his room because she quit.

A few of our school things are on hold until our new computer comes. Without our computer I don’t have a printer and I think Luke’s fifteen minutes of typing is challenging enough for him without having to use our laptop with a few keys broken off. (Courtesy of Sylvia.)


2 thoughts on “Video Game Journal

  1. My wife has been trying to get my son into journaling, but she won’t let me get him going on a plan like yours. I think that writing, in almost any form is better than none.

    I might force her hand on this one…back to the couch!

  2. HAHAHA yeah, it’s great because he is excited to write all about “the most difficult boss stage” or whatever, then I get my little red pen out and write a compliment “good description” and then mark where he forgot to capitalize, punctuate, etc.

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