Random stuff we’ve been doing.

california 066

california 056

Playing in the water in Saint George, UT

california 072

Me giving my snotty look.  (My back hurt!)

california 076

This is “Fast Horn” the caterpillar with Luke’s reflection.  Poor Fast Horn was trained to tightrope walk and was eventually loved to death.

california 099

Luke and Joey went for a hike together.  They found a desert plant they liked and replanted it into our backyard.

california 101

Sylvia’s favorite thing at the Lied Children’s Museum was to dress up and dance on stage.

california 108

california 114

Isabel loved being a checker…

california 001

And a singer.

california 020

Luke loved being in a video game via green screen.

california 010

He’s the little character on the left.

2 thoughts on “Random stuff we’ve been doing.

  1. That green screen looks so cool put into the video game. It is nice for them to see this technology. At the one we have here, ther do it with a weather wap, but it isn’t interactive like the hockey game was.

    How cool!

  2. Don’t you just love the water area in St. George. It is so nice. Of course they didn’t build that until we moved.

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