Postcards and Word Problems

Yesterday the kids wrote postcards to their great-grandmother. They didn’t even know what a postcard was, is that sad? Also after dinner, Joey had us listen to a How to Speak Mandarin Chinese podcast. Sylvia is the best at the pronunciation.

This morning we went swimming with some friends. We then spent the afternoon at Darby Gwin’s house. She is a woman in our church that had an anurism (sound it out) and needs someone there at all times to help her if she needs to get up for anything, bathroom, etc. We brought along math, worksheets and reading and then the rest of the time the kids played and watched a cartoon upstairs.

Luke is great at math but it is difficult for him to stay focused. I am sure (hope) this is a problem for a lot of parents with their children. He complains that it takes too long but spends time drawing hair or faces on his numbers and staring at the wall. While holding his hand (figuratively) through math today I realized that he is much better at word problems than he is at just the written down number problems. Very curious.


3 thoughts on “Postcards and Word Problems

  1. Once again, dealing with your son as an individual is the true advantage to homeschooling.

    The realization that all of us are different is a fact that society hasn’t really been able to grasp. The government and the school systems are even farther behind society.

    Everyone is so quick to dump each of us into racial, social or religious categories that we are at risk of losing our individualism.

    Good job finding a way to reach him.

  2. Arent you glad you are homeschooling?!!? What if Luke had this problem at public school? He would, most likely be scolded for not staying on task and then develop a distaste for math altogther. As for a solution to helping him stay focused…when you find one let me know..:)

  3. Pull Luke out of that public school and put him in a program that is more customized to his needs. Oh, you already did that? Then you’re doing everything perfect! 🙂

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