Neon Ocean

Isabel has been enjoying learning to write in cursive. I am impressed with how well she is doing. Luke isn’t very excited about it which is fine with me if he never learns. I would like to get a good “learn how to type” program for kids that has games etc. while teaching typing. I think he would like that. So let me know if you know of any. Today he scanned his Neon Ocean (sea chart) and marked yellow where there are monsters.

Neon Ocean (Sea Chart)


5 thoughts on “Neon Ocean

  1. The only time I use my cursive is when I write my name on the electric credit card pad with the plastic pen. I guess that’s not even cursive, scribbles or sometimes just a horizontal line.

    I love Sponge Bob! Good old fashioned (new fashioned) funny cartoon. None of this “the moral of the story is….” at the end of every episode like Aurthur, Clifford, etc. So what is it?

  2. I would not ever be worried about Luke…he is one great kid! He seem to be just so terrific and well adjusted. Of course he is so smart! What do we neet cursive for anyway? They teach it here in third grade and then don’t even use it after that. All of the reports in highschool can be either typed and printed or e-mailed….

  3. When we were cleaning up last week, mom found a typing program that she has been trying to give away ever since. It may not be what you’re looking for, but you can look at it when you come up this weekend.

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