Number Four

That’s right.  November 6th and it’s another girl.  Yikes.


8 thoughts on “Number Four

  1. Whoa! Poor Luke! All of that Estrogen in the house?

    Just have him walk about 5′ in front of you making sure the path is clear (he seems to be able to sense danger).

    That is really good news. We are done at our three…I think!

  2. I love how you nonchalantley (spelling?) announce something soooo huge! Congrats! I am very happy for you!
    So after much deliberation, my husband talked me into trying to blog again! Here is my blog,

    Love to you Sabrina! Congrats again!

  3. Sabrina,

    Melissa and I feel that with 17 nieces and nephews in the family already, then we should get some say in the name you choose for sweet little number 18. That way there will still be some pretty decent names left when our kids decide they want to come. You may have Agatha, Minerva, or Jemima.

  4. We already have a Willamena Vincent (Joey’s aunt), so that might explain his reluctance to create a duplicate.

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