My Etsy Art

Here are my watercolors from this week that I put up on Etsy.

Horsey Bob

Horsey Bob

coin hat

Coin Hat

Isabel's Nap

Isabel’s Nap

Bo with her Peeps

Bo with her Peeps




2 thoughts on “My Etsy Art

  1. You should look into illustrating childrens literature! I have been thinking about writing childrens books but it’s always undaunting when I think about the illustrator….think about it.

  2. Thank you for the compliment. More importantly, you HAVE to get the 2008 children’s writer’s and illustrator’s market book. If you want to submit a children’s story, you absolutely do NOT have to have any illustrations or an illustrator. In fact, the publishers prefer that you don’t, they find an illustrator for your story. This book gives you all of the children’s book publishing contact information and exactly what (and how) each publisher wants you to send in.

    Until Joey comes home and shows me how to do a link in a comment, here is the link…

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