Cat by Sylvia

Yesterday we went to the pool with Andrea and her boys to meet (convince) another mom who is thinking about homeschooling. There were a lot of people there and we didn’t get to talk very much but I got the impression that there is a good chance that she will homeschool her children. I am very excited about that because it means another boy Luke’s age that will be home during school hours. I just feel bad for Luke when we go to an activity and he is the oldest kid there.

So I hate to be one of those moms who thinks that her 2 year old is a genius, but seriously, is this not the cutest drawing of a cat. Sylvia had been watching Shrek 2 and tried to draw Puss.

sylvia's cat


2 thoughts on “Cat by Sylvia

  1. I love running into other homeschool families, or families curious about the process. We give them an honest opinion of the good and “challenging” aspects. I think showing them all of the options is the best way for them to make the decsion for themselves.

    Good for your son to possibly have someone around that is his age and that is an impressive drawing for a two year old!

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