NOT why I homeschool

I was about to title this NOT why we homeschool. Joey and I probably feel the same about this list, but you never know, so I should always only speak for myself.

I know I’ve talked a lot about why I homeschool, but here is a short list of NOT why I homeschool. My meaning is that I feel that these are big reason for some people to homeschool, but not for me.

Dissatisfied with the School System:
I hear so many people complain about the Clark County School District. This school district isn’t known to be great….or even good….okay, it’s known for NOT being good, but for the two years that Luke was in school he had great teachers and I think that made all the difference. So I’ve never had a problem with the schools and never thought to question public school in general.

Let me make it clear that my religion is very important and dear to me. It is nice to be able to discuss or answer a religious topic when it comes up in the middle of something, but I personally have never been bothered by the no public prayers in school thing.

Genius Kids:
My kids are very smart, but if whether or not they become geniuses has to do with my teaching skills, then they can just forget about it. Enough said.

My Personal Views and Opinions:
Joey and I (oops, I better stick to speaking for myself) I am not a very opinionated person. Things are controversial for a reason…because both sides are very convincing! But, my own opinions or views (like my weird thing about how I don’t like flags, I like the U.S., just not the flag) I strongly keep to myself in front of my kids. I mean, of course my views about homicide I share with them (in case you are wondering my view is that homicide is bad.) What I am talking about are scientific theories, political views, and all that. I like to try and let them speculate or decide for themselves. Sorry I am going off on a tangent about this, but the other day I heard a little kid say that on their Idaho trip it was really cold so see, there isn’t such thing as global warming. Which, for a little kid to say that….that’s weird.


6 thoughts on “NOT why I homeschool

  1. Your children will inevitably adopt a persona of their own whether you homeschool them or not. The world has a way of carving out individuality from formless blocks of self-identity.

    So this fear that some people have about this only applies to those special parents who will end up ruining their children regardless of being placed in public school or being homeschooled.

    You have nothing to worry about here.

    There’s no validity to the claims that children will have any special benefit to being placed in public school. There’s nothing inherently wrong with homeschooling any more than public schooling. It’s the approach and execution that makes any difference.

    Both methods have produced outstanding results.

    Bottom line, if there’s a way to muck it up, someone will find it… and use it. That’s human nature.

    The reasons for not choosing one method is often more important. No one should choose one way because “that’s how it’s always been”.

    For the record… It’s not called “Global Warming” anymore, but “Climate Change”. An, unfortunately, all too real phenomenon.
    But whether that’s our own doing or not or whether we contributed to its acceleration, is up for debate.

  2. Hmmm…We would have to say that we like the ability to tailor and change our teaching styles and curriculum to each child. We don’t know if we can (or will) homeschool our kids forever, but it is really fun to share all of these experiences with them every day and that is something that we can’t replace. Our family definitely has more of a closeness because of this. Both us with our children and our children with each other.

  3. So Why Do you homeschool? I really want to know. I know why I would, our school district is outstanding, our religion is always close at hand in our home regardless of the fact that we public school, my children are very smart, and I am like you, I am not so opinionated. However, like “morethananelectrician” I would have the ability to custom fit their (my childrens) education to what they need, or are interested in. I would also need gallons and oodles of patience and Christlike love….so kudos to you!

  4. Morethananelectrician and Jamie. I am with you entirely. The two things are being able to be able to teach what my kids are interested in and in their style of learning (although I don’t think I’ve totally figured out their styles yet.) Also, more family time. When Luke would go to school I just felt sad that he missed out on the fun stuff we would do during the day and by the time he got home there just wasn’t enough time for anything.

    Jamie, I remember being terrified right before I started homeschooling because HOW could I have my kids with me all day when I lose patience with Luke even when he is in school and I don’t see him for six hours. But somehow I’ve had more patience. Maybe because I don’t feel rushed anymore?? Okay let’s face it, it really is a HUGE miracle.

    Eksith, Yes, I was going to make more of a comment about the “global warming” statement but I had already labeled myself not very opinionated so I thought I better hold my tongue. (but yeah, I’m with you on that one.)

  5. Eksith, I love your statement, “It’s the approach and execution that makes any difference.”. You are so right there.

  6. The most very basic reason I home educate is to embrace a lifestyle that is most nurturing for my family. I am not rejecting public schools as much as I am choosing homeschooling, but I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about it if I didn’t think it was better than the alternatives.

    One thing I think we need to be careful of is believing that our lack of input is going to result in kids who ‘decide’ for themselves. Kids are sponges, and they will be affected by all that they see and hear. I would rather purposefully expose my kids to ideas and coach them in researching and thinking things through logically than to assume that I can create some sort of idealogical vacuum in which the kids can make decisions unaffected by books, tv, movies, friends, and listening to adults converse.

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