A Chilly 78 degrees

This week we’ve been back on track. Having our schoolroom be a bookshelf in the kitchen is working out so much better. Being downstairs in the kitchen is where the hubub always is anyway, so having papers, crayons, books, etc. right there makes things very convenient. Before every meal I have at least six pictures Isabel has drawn that I have to clear off….which is great! I guess I need to have a special place that she can put all of her drawings, but the point is that they are getting into drawing, maze making, letter writing and whatever else on their own because it is all right there.

The Signing Time dvds are great. Isabel learns so much more from that then from me trying to teach her from a book. We have been making flash cards of the words we’ve learned and the stack is getting thick! Here is a great ASL dictionary online.

I planned that today after they finished all of their chores, school, and piano, we would go to the pool, but since it is an oh so chilly 78 degrees outside, Sylvia and Luke helped me make cinnamon muffins and we read Little House on the Prairie together.


One thought on “A Chilly 78 degrees

  1. Uhm. It snowed today…yeah, the last day of school…before, what is that called..oh yeah summer. So what are you going to do with your extra room? Ooohhh, I need a sewing room…can I have it?
    Side note, I just love the book reveiws for childrens lit in “The Friend”. I usually check out at least half and they are always good, if not great for kids, great for moms….I think my real calling, after my spawn are raised, is a librarian….
    Love to you….chilly people….

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