How Do Birds Fly?

Tonight we read about how birds fly and learned some really interesting facts:

  • Birds have hollow bones to keep them light
  • Birds have very light bodies
  • Eagles have a wingspan of about seven feet, yet weigh only around ten pounds
  • Air sacs are linked to birds lungs to provide extra oxygen for them during flight
  • The complex wings of birds allow air flow to be directed around the wings

Luke was certainly fascinated by all this and Isabel seemed interested as well. Luke was most astonished when I showed him how long seven feet is, in order to give him an idea of an eagle’s wingspan.

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3 thoughts on “How Do Birds Fly?

  1. Way to go Dad! I love the audience I get when I go over something with the kids. 95% of the schooling is done by Mom, but the enraptured attention I get from them always gets me a scowl from her.

    The living museum here had a nice exhibit about bones. It had a lizard bone of some kind and a similar sized bone of a bird and they could really feel the difference between them when they were allowed to pick them up and feel them.

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