Hook Ups

Disneyland was great. We only had to pay for one ticket since my parents neighbors hooked us up. We just stuck to the little rides and yet Safety Nerd would still read the “Motion Sickness Warning” signs and flip out.

My soon to be sister-in-law hooked us up with tickets to the Natural History Museum. We could have spent another few hours there. We checked out the African and North American Mammal exhibits, the bird exhibit, the Stones and Gems section and upstairs we were able to watch scientists working on the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.



Also, my lovely soon to be sister-in-law gave me a huge bag of random things (mostly school things) that she got just because she thought of us. Books, Play Dough, coloring books. My favorite is The ANTI-coloring book by Susan Striker. An example of what the Anti-coloring books is: one page will have the words at the bottom “You have been asked to design new playground equipment for the park.” Then it will have a border like a bench and tree and the child needs to draw and design the playground.


One thought on “Hook Ups

  1. It is nice having a hook-up!

    We have been to the DC natural history museum a couple of times on our homeschool field trips. A bunch of us get together, rent a bus and a driver and get carried around DC. The kids love the huge museums up there and I love not having to drive around that town ourselves!

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