The Power of a List

Last night I made a list of everything we were going to do for school today. I went over it with Luke and Isabel and told them that once we were done they could play MarioKart. Luke was especially excited about this because we just unlocked the Special Cup on Saturday night, meaning four new courses to drive.

The list was:


Two worksheets each


Read and discuss one question for the science questions and answers book. (We actually did two – one about how male seahorses carry the babies and one about stomata, which are small holes in leaves that allow the leaves to let water and air in and to keep water out. Good to know.


Isabel do writing practice. (She practiced writing Vs and Ys.)
Luke continue working on his Bouncy Ball adventure story. (I’ll post it later when he’s done.)
Both write a letter to Melissa and Scott. (That’s my sister and her husband


30 minutes of free reading time. Isabel read some books to Sylvia and I couldn’t believe how much she’s improved recently.


30 minutes outside. It was a beautiful day today. The kids loved being outside. We even did our science reading on the back porch.

Plant Squash

We read the zucchini packet and then I let each of them, including Sylvia, plant some seeds.

Watch an Educational Program

Luke chose Man vs. Wild
Isabel chose How It’s Made

Read Book of Mormon

Continued reading in 1 Nephi 5

Clean Rooms

Luke and Isabel both did a fabulous job cleaning without any help.

So it took until about 1:45 to get everything done. After that, they played MarioKart for a while and then watched a Zelda movie. Luke also played WebKinz while Isabel took a nap. Whed she woke up, she was fascinated watching Luke playing WebKinz for a while. In the afternoon, Sylvia spent a lot more time in the backyard, playing in her wagon and moving rocks and dirt around.

This evening, they all helped me clean up the house and now we are waiting to go pick up Sabrina at the airport.

The kids are loving watching the progress of her flight – screenshot below.



3 thoughts on “The Power of a List

  1. I usually love homeschool with dad days. For me, my wife is the preparer of the school schedule and I just follow along. I rarely have an issue getting them to get everything done. I think it is because they are so used to doing things her way and I offer a change of pace that seems exciting.

    When she sees how fast we get done, she is usually disappointed. She is always thinking she is doing something wrong…it couldn’t be father from the truth.

  2. How unfair is it that you are planting a garden right now???? We have four feet plus of snow and it just keeps coming. So educational activities outside consist of ice, snow, mud, freezing mud and ….uhmmm ICE?

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