Vegetables, Church, Cookies…and Barkley

Today was a little easier with the kids, mostly because I wasn’t trying to get any work done. I just had to get them ready for church, which takes a good amount of time. Luckily, our church isn’t until 1:00 so we had plenty of time. The two main things that slowed me down were trying to get the girls hair to look decent and finding shoes for Sylvia. I combed Sylvia’s hair about 10 times and she still ended up looking like Barkley by the time we got to church.

I think I did better on the meals today as well. Breakfast was easy since I bought Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the kids yesterday. For lunch, I made put together some celery with peanut butter, olives, prunes, green peppers and cheese sticks. Now that I’m typing that out, it seems like a pretty disgusting combination. Whatever, the kids ate most of it. For dinner, I made quesadillas, which is always a safe bet.

Then tonight, we made peanut butter cookies.


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