Draw a Rhyme

Isabel had her reading, writing and Math all finished before Luke and I were even dressed yet this morning. Once we were ready, I was busy with something so they drew mazes for me. Luke got very creative and drew spikes in his maze that I had to avoid, and stars for me to get and be invincible for 10 seconds. Sylvia worked in her “comic book” really just her coloring book.

I had Isabel do some “Draw a Rhyme Stories” from a Phonemic Awareness book that I found at the library. Luke thought it was great so he joined us, even though I think it is more her level. They have a rhyming story that the children are supposed to verbally fill in the blank and then draw what it is. For example, one started off, “When you draw a monster, it is said, you always begin with his ___________.” answer: HEAD! Then eyes, nose, etc.  Once Luke finished up his math and journal, I sent him off to his friend, Aden’s house and Aden’s sister, Morgan is over here playing with Isabel.


3 thoughts on “Draw a Rhyme

  1. It is amazing how so many of us use much of the same material. I asked my wife about this and she pulled out the Alien rhyme…

    When drawing a Martian, it is said, always start by making his _____/Don’t give him hair on top of his _____, give him a shiny, round helmet that’s ______/ Look at his eyes, so scary and mean, since he’s from Mars, they must be ______/

  2. I think you could make your own…something like this rhyme might be difficult. We lay on the floor sometimes in the living room with the two older ones and write stories. I do the writing (to keep things moving) and they do the creating.

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