Thirty-two and a half

Today a lot of time and money was wasted at two doctor’s appointments. I would love to rant and rave all about it, but this is not a rant blog. Plus I am just trying to take deep breaths and forget it. Rainbows, flowers, smiles, bunnies! There, all better now.

At noon today at the park we went to a P.E. class. Our friend Sarah Wixom, taught our kids (“our” being us moms that home school plus moms whose kids are on track break) some soccer skills. Luke and Isabel really enjoyed it.

Tonight for dinner the kids and I had planned a surprise HALF birthday party for Joey. This morning I had Luke read the directions and be in charge of us making the cake. They frosted the cake, wrote in the card, picked out the presents (disposable razors, deodorant and shaving gel) and helped me get the balloons set up.


I know that this isn’t technically school, but it is certainly a reason why I home school. When Luke was going to public school I felt as though it took up so much time and we weren’t able to do as many fun things like this that I wanted. Now that we home school, life flows at a much nicer pace.


3 thoughts on “Thirty-two and a half

  1. Happy half Birthday Joey! What a fun idea! Do you do a half birthday with everyone? Ooo I need to take a look at my calendar.

  2. Everything leads our home and education process to what you saw through your camera. Four smiling (and educated) happy family members…I am sure if someone would have had a camera pointed at you, there would be a picture of you smiling too.

    Especially during this stage of my childrens’ lives, I want them to be best friends to each other. They have plenty of time when they are older to grow apart.

  3. Thanks Jamie. No, we actually don’t celebrate half birthdays, but maybe we will now!

    More Than an Electrician, true true! AND there is probably less chance that they will grow apart since they are being taught early on that families and relationships are important! (fingers crossed.)

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