I need HELP with my schedule! Or do I?

This morning we went to the schoolroom at the community clubhouse with my friends and their children to do a craft. I was in charge last minute so I had them make toilet paper roll robots and color butterflies.

After lunch I had projects for school planned, but fell asleep during reading time.

As you know this is my first year of home schooling my children and I am still trying to figure things out.  I need help with our schedule.  Most mornings after we have eaten and are dressed we get to work, math, journal writing, calendar, and whatever other projects and activities we do in our schoolroom.  Even though I don’t take my kids to the grocery store and on errands during the day, there are many days that we have other activities.  This week has been a perfect example, Monday: the parade, Tuesday: MOPS, today: craft with friends.  These days I try to do school in the afternoon.  Then there are the days where for some reason or another things aren’t going well for me or one or ALL of the kids and we don’t get as much done as we had planned.  I have a friend who grew up with friends that were home schooled and she says that she always wanted to home school her children (alas, she is a single mother and has to work.)  She said that she would do school only three days a week.  I know I am rambling and rambling, but my point is, I don’t have a schedule!  I don’t know when our breaks will be, what we will be (or wont be) doing in the summer.  Sometimes I worry that I am not having them do enough.  Sometimes I worry that I am making them do too much.

I usually don’t voice this (or any) home schooling concerns with anyone.  For one, I don’t want my husband to think I am a slacker and panic that our kids will always have a first grade IQ.  Second, I don’t want my certain “friends”, who think I am weird for home schooling anyway,  to have that I-told-you-so attitude.

If anyone has any ideas, tips, schedules that work for them, or just words of encouragement, PLEASE let me know.  I need your help!

8 thoughts on “I need HELP with my schedule! Or do I?

  1. Sabrina, it sounds like you are doing just fine. In fact you sound just like me. I always worry if we are doing enough, or I could do more or I know my life will be better if we just got on a schedule. I think for your first year of homeschooling you kinda play around to see what works and what doesn’t. Every year may be different and it may take 5+ years to figure out what does really work. The thing to remember is public school doesn’t cover everything and your children will have up and down days if they were in public school.

    For us, I think our schedule will be to just keep going throughout the year and let the breaks happen when they will. I feel like when my kids get older we will then be on a better schedule, but for now it doesn’t seem to really matter. My kids are 5,3 and 1. So we are just doing Kindergarten and trying to teach the 3 year old her letters and then just making it through the day with 3 little kids is crazy enough.

    I know this wasn’t much help, but just wanted to let you know you are not the only one out there with insecurities regarding schedule and homeschooling.

    Hopefully someone with more wisdom will write 🙂


  2. Thank you Crystal. Obviously I’ve been having one of those guilt and worry ridden days that are oh so familiar to us mothers. Reading your comment really uplifted and reassured me. You have no idea. Thank you!

    P.S. My sister lives in Austin! Round Rock area.

  3. Just think of all the things you do with your kids that they WOULDN’T get to do in public school. Think of all the time your kids would have to spend waiting on someone else’s kid to “get it.” Or think of how one of your kids might be struggling but cannot receive one-on-one attention because the teacher has 30+ kids in the class. Think of all the things you “learned” in school that you’ll never use or have forgotten and haven’t needed.

    Schedules aren’t necessary for everything. I do think some kids (adults too) thrive on schedules. You can have schedules for morning and bedtime rituals. You pretty much have a schedule for calendar, weather, and other stuff…it’s ok if you don’t start right at 9am sharp or whatever time.

    I’m super impressed with you. Lots of people really couldn’t do what you’re doing for your children. You’ve been an insipration to me and I don’t even have kids.

  4. As a homeschooler who was homeschooled myself, I can tell you that afternoon schoolwork rarely goes well! Even the public schools get less done after lunch because the morning hours are the most productive! That said, I too have interruptions that creep into my a.m. time so we always make the most of naps! Any unfinished schoolwork gets tossed into a backpack for nap time. When I put the babies down to sleep, my daughters are sent their rooms not for naps but to finish school work. THey know they have to finish or they won’t get to play with friends in the afternoon. Not only that, but they cane “wake up” from naps as soon as they are done, so they really race through it (much easier when they are alone in a quet room instead of among the noise and chaos of the wakeful morning!)

    I hope this helps . . . .

  5. All of the encouragement really means so much to me. I guess I just needed a boost and am doing much better today and am not so hard on myself.

    Natalie, I love you love you, thank you.

    ladonnamobile, what a great idea. I will try it!

  6. I’ve been going through this recently too and I agree–afternoon school just doesn’t happen here either. Last year we had so many morning commitments and it drove me nuts. So this year, now that we’re official 🙂 I’ve cut out every morning thing I can. I do love field trips though, so if something is really worth it, then we take the time out to do it. I then put my school schedule into hourly chunks so if time is short or we have to do school in the afternoon for an hour or so, I can decide which hour’s worth of work we can do in the time we have.

    I hope this helps! I think homeschoolers all go through this. It’s hard for me because I’m the one in charge and I have to be the one to impose the schedule and be disciplined. I’m a planner by nature, but following through on the plan is a constant challenge. A schedule has truly helped me out this year though, and we have gotten a lot more accomplished this year.

    And hi! It’s always good to find other LDS homeschoolers.

  7. Thank you Cellista. It is so good to hear that what I am going through is pretty normal. It is easy for me as a home schooler and just as a mom to feel alone. It is nice to hear other mother’s similar experiences, new ideas, etc.

    This blog has been a life saver for me. It has been so much fun “meeting” all of these great moms like yourself!

  8. Hi Sabrina,
    I just wanted to thank you for keeping a blog. I have an 18 month old, and her father and I have already been talking about what we plan to do when she is ready for school. I don’t know for certain if I will homeschool or not, but I find your blog very insightful- and honest. Best of luck to you and your children in the future. Keep Writing!


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