Worries and Questions about Home Schooling

This comment recently showed up on my blog…

“Imagine my…suprise. I am currently studying different home schooling technique and came upon something called Sabrina School, clicked on it and here you all are! How neat that you have decided to do this for your kids. Now tell me do you know much about the Thomas Jefferson method, if so, what are the pros and cons to that as opposed to this Charlotte Mason method? I have a lot of questions, but if you do not have time to reply to all of them, no worries. I am really impressed with Sabrina’s cheerful outlook on all of this, I can’t help but worry about being you know…up to the task of really teaching, thus all the research. Also my husband works way to much for me to be able to count on him for any major co-teaching. Though strong in character, he’s not always up to that task.
O.k. so thanks for any feedback and I’ll look forward to hearing from either one of you. Jamie”

Here is my response…

Jamie. I really enjoyed reading your comment. I feel that I am a very good example of “If I can do it, anyone can.” Right before I started, I had so many worries, concerns and questions. “I never did that well in school myself, how can I teach my children? What method or curriculum do I use? My kids aren’t going to listen to me! How will I teach them everything they need to know? Will I end up strangling my kids if I am with them all day long!”

I really have no idea about the Thomas Jefferson method and would like to know more myself (so if anyone has any basic info or references to any books about that method, let us know). What I DO know is that to teach your children, YOUR method is the best. You are the one that knows best what your children enjoy doing, or what they struggle at. But yes, it is good to read up and get ideas from the pros and take what you like.

About husbands, my husband does help me which I am very grateful to him for, but I TRULY find that the best support my husband gives me is his emotional support. So if your husband is excited and encouraging about you teaching your children, that is all you need.

In conclusion, IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT…seriously.

No one can teach your children as well as you can.




3 thoughts on “Worries and Questions about Home Schooling

  1. Little do you know Sabrina, your “blog” is an answer to my prayers. Let me give you some backround so you are not totally confused.
    I have five children, Kylie 11, Broden 9, Leilani 6, Kaxton 4, and Kelby 10 months. I have always been a proactive mom, especially for our geographical location. You know, I request teachers that best fit my children, I do summer home school…ie. reading time and some math work. But we don’t go much further than that. As most mothers do, I feel this great potential in all of my children but feel like I am selling myself and them short by not doing such a great job. That and sometimes I would rather just be with my husband alone…without them. Yes I’m so guilty of that.

    So my prayers changed venue, I asked for help to be a better mom, more in tune with them, more a mom than a police officer. What does this have to do with homeschooling? I was just researching different theories for my four year old who is dreadfully bored, and I was hoping to get him ready for kindergarten. But your blog has turned on some lights for me, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve read a lot of your blog from the beginning. (by the way, incidently, I went to highschool with your husband) We have quite a few friends in our church who homeschool, but they made it look so hard. After doing a little research and reading so much of your blog, I too feel that I can do it. I actually kinda look forward to it. Now all I need to do is convince my husband, Kevin. His family is pretty uhmm….hardcore traditional, not in a good way. But he’s all for our family being close and our kids making the best choices for them, so I think I can get him on board. Thanks for your intuitivness (is that a word?) and following your promptings! A lot more than your family will benefit from this! You are awesome! So are you Joey, I am so proud to call you a former aquantance! Thanks for your encouragment Sabrina! Love Jamie

  2. So you do summer home school with your children by having reading time and some Math and you don’t think you are doing such a great job??? And you feel guilty for wanting alone time with your husband??? It is so sad (and all too familiar) that you would say those things. I think the two biggest things that cripple us as women and mothers are not having confidence in our abilities and guilt. You are obviously a very capable teaching mother and you have four kids…OF COURSE you want alone time. I don’t care if you home school or not, finding out what is best for your children through prayer is the best thing you can do for them, which you are already doing. So good job.

    And as for those perfectionist home schooling moms that always have their house cleaned, keep a tight schedule, bake their own bread and prattle on about how their kids can name all the bones in the human body, well, between you and me, we hate them. Actually, I don’t think they exist and if you want to feel good about yourself, look at my blog some more. I am the perfect example of NON perfectionist and “what’s easiest?”

    Yes, small world! I thought that was you, but Joey didn’t recognize your married last name. Really, you seem like such a wonderful mom and just do what you feel. I never thought I would home school my children, but here I am and it has surprisingly been such a wonderful experience for me (I really think and hope for them too.)



  3. Sabrina,
    You and I have a mutual friend who directed me to your blog. I am considering homeschooling my children (currently 4 and 2 years old) and I am enjoying reading about your experiences and your words of encouragement. You make me think that maybe I really could do it myself! Thanks!

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