Recap, Restock, Reorganize and Reevaluate


Wednesday we got our Math and all of our work done, finished reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, and read an Usborne Young Reading Edition of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. That afternoon we made sugar cookies. All the kids loved that of course. Later, my parents came from California, so the rest of the evening was spent listening to Christmas music, talking, opening some Christmas presents, Luke preformed his Christmas songs on the piano and Isabel sang and did hand motions to The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Thursday, Luke and grandpa played chess on his new Shrek chess set. They played for I don’t know how long while my dad taught Luke about strategy etc. and Luke LOVED it. Isabel practiced her spelling words with grandma and Sylvia played with her new toy grocery cart.

Friday, grandma and grandpa went home, so I took the kids to the park to drive around Luke’s remote control truck. It was too cold so we weren’t there for very long. We then went to the library and picked up our The Muppets Christmas Carol we had on hold. At home we played a Thomas the Train board game, took a spelling test, then watched The Muppets Christmas Carol during which I sneaked in a nap.

Next week we wont be doing ANY kind of formal school, worksheets, Math, etc. It will be a good time for Joey and me to restock our school supplies, reorganize our schoolroom and reevaluate how and what we are teaching Luke, Isabel and Sylvia.

I think in another post I will go more into my reevaluating thoughts.


One thought on “Recap, Restock, Reorganize and Reevaluate

  1. That’s great–I had no idea there was a younger version of Dickens’ story by Usborne! Time to go look it up . . . .

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