Jason’s Deli, a Movie, some Math and Reading

Tonight we went to dinner with our friends the Duffins, who have a boy Luke’s age and a girl Isabel’s age. We ate at Jason’s Deli. Afterward, we went to the Red Rock Casino and saw the movie Enchanted. Unfortunately, I spent the second half of the movie in the halls with restless Sylvia.

We got home pretty late but Luke did manage to finish up chapter 16 in his Math-U-See Beta book. He got all questions correct on his Chapter 16 test. Isabel fell asleep in the VINVAN on the way home. When I brought her in she was too tired to do math but she is reading with Sabrina at the moment.


2 thoughts on “Jason’s Deli, a Movie, some Math and Reading

  1. Joey,

    The second half of “Enchanted” is the best part, especially the ending. You’ll have go back and see it or rent it when it comes out on DVD.


  2. Lee,

    Yeah, I definitely want to see the rest of that movie when it’s out on DVD. I was surprised that I was actually enjoying it and annoyed when I had to take Sylvia out.

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