Play day!

This morning I dropped Luke off at his friend, Aden’s, house and picked up his five year old sister, Morgan.  Luke and Aden had fun at the park and at Aden’s house while Morgan, Isabel and Sylvia had fun at MOPS with me.

A police officer spoke with the kids.  What I got out of Morgan and Isabel is that he had a computer in his car and told them all about pepper spray.  I am sure he did more, but that was what Morgan and Isabel were impressed with.  They got to do fun crafts as well.

In the mom class, we had a speaker.  A married couple talking about parenting.  It was very motivating and I liked a lot of their points.  Some I had never really thought about before and some I already knew but need to recommit myself to be better at.  We had brunch as usual and it was nice (as always) having my therapy time with other moms.

When we got home, I kept Morgan and Luke was still at Aden’s, so I decided I wont even attempt getting any school work in today!  Well, maybe a Bill Nye the Science Guy video this evening so I don’t feel TOO guilty.  He he he.


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