Response from Interlink Publishing

Dear Sabrina,

If you are asking if Yolen, Stemple and Beha have another cookbook they created together, the answer to that is no. But each has written or illustrated many other books. I suggest you google each, or go to Amazon. Jane and Heidi each have their own websites as well.

I know there are many cookbooks written with children in mind, but I believe ours is unique in incorporating the stories with the recipes. The idea of them doing a sequel is a wonderful idea. I am not sure that their separate schedules and projects will allow it any time in the near future—it took a very long time to put this project together—but I will suggest it to them.

Thank you for your kind words about Fairy Tale Feasts. I will forward them to Jane, Heidi and Phillipe.


Moira Megargee
Publicity Director
Interlink Publishing, Inc.


One thought on “Response from Interlink Publishing

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