tired day – homeschool unschool

This morning it was, calendar, BOM story, spelling practice test, Isabel practicing writing, Luke wrote a story from the “Pot of Gold” Isabel reading, then they got out a puzzle and didn’t want to do it. I told them that they needed to finish the puzzle before they watched an episode of Dirty Jobs. I ended up helping them and that damn puzzle got us all frustrated.

We watched Dirty Jobs and then headed out with lunches to the pool. A lot of friends were there and the kids had a good time, but Sylvia was tired, cranky and all over the place, so we left after an hour and a half. When we got home we watched How It’s Made and Isabel fell asleep Luke played his allotted 45 minutes of Gamecube while I put away laundry.

Then we all went to Luke’s piano practice. We just came home and I am looking at our filthy house realizing that I need to come up with a cleaning plan, chart, or something because with all of us home more, I feel I am constantly cleaning and not getting much done.

I don’t feel that great about how things went today because I was tired and unorganized so I made the kids watch T.V. “educational” T.V.!!! Hahaha. But I need to realize that I/we will have days like this.


4 thoughts on “tired day – homeschool unschool

  1. Here’s what I hand our boarder missionaries when they first come:

    • If you drop it – pick it up;
    • If you sleep on it – make it up;
    • If you wear it – hang it up;
    • If you spill it – wipe it up;
    • If you turn it on – turn it off;
    • If you open it – close it;
    • If you unlock it – lock it;
    • If you get it out – put it away;
    • etc.

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